About us

In 1970, the Corail Group is created. It’s the beginning of an adventure with a staff of 12 and 4 buses to serve tourism transport.

Increasing market demand led the company to equip itself with new high performing vehicles and reconfigure its operations.

The establishment in Morocco of new companies and subsidiaries of major international groups will see the emergence of new needs in terms of transport.

In 1990, Corail brings its experience to public and private enterprises transportation.

The Group gives priority to the quality and technical skills of its human resources and the reinforcement of its internal structure.

Today, the Corail Group operates 300 vehicles. It travels the roads of Morocco carrying tourists and enterprises personnel under two brand names, Corail and Bestours.

The loyalty of our local and international clients is a permanent reminder of their trust.

At Corail, every one of us is at your service and aims to develop an amicable partnership with you.

Corail, a place of values

The family, the one that founded Corail and the one, larger, composing the Group today and relying on complementarity, solidarity and diversity.

The passion that animates the ones who put their work to the service of others and dedicate themselves to making real partners out of their clients.

The responsible citizenship which consists of acting in the interest of the greater good.